Pages: [1]. Read times previous topic - next topic. Then I heard about Arduino 2 years agoget interested, and decided to make an advanced control system for central heating: weather compensated heating controller, room thermostat, web-based remote control for the whole system, and web logging.

Weather Compensated Heating Controller The main task of this device is to control mixing circuit based on outside and inside temperature. As a result, indoor temperature is constant regardless of outside temperature change, comfort is increased and it's energy efficient.

Device is based on Arduino Megahas 12 temperature sensors 11 DS18B20, a 1 K-type thermocouple for measuring gas temperature4 solid state relays for controlling boiler pump, heating pump and 3-way valve actuatorand wood pellet level sensor. Device communicates with room thermostat wirelessly using nRF24L Some of the features are: 5 heating profiles 7-day6 adjustable periods per day, setting holding temperature, low level pellet alarm, 5-day weather forecast, photo album and screensaver, etc.

Also, since it's connected to Internet, device can receive commands from anywhere in the world using computer or mobile phone to make adjustments. Device communicates with central heating controller in boiler room wirelessly using nRF24L Data like temperatures and other signals are stored in database once per minute.

arduino boiler control

Merian Guest. Hello zibel32, That's really great stuff!

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You did a huge project with a brilliant graphically set up! Is it running stable? I plan to do almost the same project using a similar setup. Would you be willing to share sources?

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Hello zibel32, The graphical environment you've done is impressive. I plan to do something similar to control my awnings with somfy remote controls. Thanks a lot. Merian, glich Thank you, guys! Sorry for this long delay.

Yes, this was a big project for me.

Arduino Based House Heater Controler With SMS User Interface

I worked on it for almost 18 months, but at that time I was new to Arduino and electronics, so I was learning along the way. System is working stable for the last 8 months.

Arduino Water Heater - DS18B20 - Water Boiler - Immersion Rod - Water Temperature Controller

No reboot needed so far. The screen is showing lots of information at once, so with larger screen would be easier to read and control it. Which part of the sources are you interested in?

Zibel32 Great project. Can I ask you what software did you use to produce the system graphic and display temperatures on that graphic? On your lcd, are those web pages, if so what are you using to display them? The graphical display I want to be able to draw the full system and display it an a 7" or so LCD or even on a cheap tablet via a web page maybe but am struggling at how to draw the system diagram up.

AC controller, lights controller RGB and hot water controller. First time i used arduino mega but graphics was slow for my needs and i've decided to recode some portions for arduino due compatibility. Mihaidsn Do you have your code to share? I am trying to achieve a similar outcome but don't really know where to start Thanks.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Arduino Controlled Cooling/Heating System for Beer Fermentation

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Files include folders for Bootstrap switches which may or may not get used in the project. Web UI uses Bootstrap theme from the internet so a net connection is required.

It may be possible to host the files locally on the RPi but I have not looked into this yet, This would probably speed up web page creation. The config for the system is set up for my system but there is an Admin page that alows changing of most of the main settings. I need to add the weather location to that also. I am contemplating removing the variables from the database to a text file so making changes is less likely to break the DB.

To use just drop all the files and folders into a folder on the Pi. I appologise for the file names as it was an evolving set of code and some of the file names are not optimal for understanding. A tidy up may be in it's future.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Python and Arduino code for Mhz control of wireless boiler from Max Cube. Python Branch: master. Find file.Wireless Arduino Boiler Controller Relay with nRF24L Control gas boiler with relay by connecting it to room thermostat connection on gas boiler without passing any current to gas boiler or at least this is how i did it and not to worry about buildup pressure inside heating pipes as gas boiler controller takes care of that itself.

You can control High Voltage electronic devices using relays modules that are readily available in the market. I am using the HLS 2 channel relay module, which has 2 relays.

Arduino OpenTherm Controller

The high voltage side output connector has 3 pins, the middle one is the common pin and as we can see from the markings on. One of the two other pins is for normally open connection and the other one for normally closed connection.

The reason i m using two channel relay as i can not find any single channel relay with optocoupler ic. Upload wireless Arduino Boiler Controller Relay with nRF24L01 sketch to your Arduino, i would suggest to use Arduino Pro 5v version so you can avoid to have 3v for arduino and 5 volt to power relay module.

If your gas boiler relay module connected directly to raspberry pi gpio pins then follow Raspberry pi Multi Zone Heating Control System Relay. You need to make sure to have WiringPi installed as well on your raspberry pi and have correct WiringPi gpio pins configured for each zone and for gas boiler. No specific reason to use such higher number, as most broadband router used from 0 to 26 so i decided to high number above These settings i have tried and tested for over a year now.

Can i use nrf on raspberry pi and build nrf with arduino relay without mysensors gateway? My 4 zone controller is one location and boiler is in kitchen and i have no way of running cables from zone controller to boiler. Thank you for help so far i me nearly there Murt.

I am using GPIO outputs for both the zone control and boiler relays. Looking at boiler. I have added wait for boiler relay so the boiler isnt turned on straight away. Hi, i have just been looking at your board schematics and i wanted to build this myself and i was wondering what the value of VARISTOR-7,5 is as i cant seem to find the value listed anywhere.

Hi Jacob, i have purchased this, can not find reference why i used this one, but i have moved on from directly supplying v. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. PiHome support for php 7 will be released to public on 7th April. I m dedicating this upgrade to Sudan Rhinoceros and calling this version Rhinoceros.

If you want to upgrade your PiHome controller to Rhinoceros you just need to upgrade to php 7 and download all code from GitHub after 7th April Shop Basket My account.The project provides instructions and code to build a heating controller for your home or remote country house, which can be controlled and monitored by GSM via SMS commands. Commercially available controllers either did not offer GSM control, or did not have the safety features nor the relative ease of comparably plain-text command operation we required.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Arduino Based House Heater Controler With SMS User Interface

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The device is built around an Arduino compatible Freeduino ATMega, has a rather simple customs shield for timing, temperature measurement and interfacing and communicates via RS with a tc35i Siemens GSM modem.

It is housed in a picture frame and unobtrusively hangs on the wall. Most important, it has been working flawlessly for a year now. Several hours before arrival, we send a SMS to start heating up to a comfortable temperature level.

In addition, every morning the device reports about the current status by SMS to my mobile. If we reliably know our schedule, we program the device to heat up automatically before our new arrival. The challenges in design were threefold: apart from the basic requirements for functionality and GSM interfacing, space on the ATMega has been a major limitation.

Finally the rather rustic and traditional log house required some nice and aesthetically appealing casing.

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The golden picture frame fits well. As a general disclaimer, I urge caution when modifying existing heating systems, as this may result in major damage. Also, the typical precautions when handling high voltages must be applied. Finally, I do not assume any responsibility on the working of the device or code.

Suggestions or improvements are welcome. The figure depicts the major functional blocks of my design. All is controlled by the ATMega on a Freeduino board. As RAM space is rather limited it compiles into of available bytes I chose to make use of the one wire bus for both DS18B20 temperature sensor and to effect time keeping via a DS chip. This device only counts seconds, so I added a small library modeled after the DS functionality to allow for proper timekeeping and calendar functionality.

The time chip is buffered by a CR battery, which will maintain operation in the event of power loss. On the hardware side I therefore employed an Freeduino with RS interface on board, which avoids additional driver hardware. The modem is controlled by a library allowing for a straightforward use of its AT command set, basic text parsing capabilities as well as SMS and incoming call handling.

Phone numbers for up to 5 users are managed by a phone book library. As I wanted the data to be readable from afar, I chose a display with large 9mm letters and backlight. You can use smaller displays and also 16x4 or smaller sizes modify the compiler switches in the sketch.

The ATMega controls the boiler via a small 5V relay and its transistor driver, which can handle up to V at low currents. The software components for heater control are a controller library managing set points, minim run times and temperature limits, an alert library which is used to communicate warning messages as well as a library providing functionality for temperature profiles and their management.

All data 1wire bus addresses, heater control parameters and state as well as phonebook settings etc. All electronics are placed on a custom shield, which is stacked onto the Freeduino.

The custom shield also contains sockets for the LCD and holds its contrast trimmer and backlight driver. One temperature sensor is directly attached to the shield for the inside temperature, a second for measuring the outdoor temperature can also be connected by a 3 wire cable.

Power is provided by a 12V 2A supply. The custom shield is fairly simple and is assembled on a single sided PCB. Beginners in electronics should have not too many problems building it. Eagle files are attached, so is the PCB etching pattern. The PCB can most easily be prepared with the toner transfer method.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. A better and cheaper alternative to a climate-dependent control for your central heating boiler.

Especially if you have in-floor heating. Project tutorial by Peter Groeneveld. If you have a central heating with a gas boiler in your home, with a room thermostat in your living room, the thermostat switches off the boiler if the living room is warm enough. The boiler is switched off for the entire house then and it is impossible to heat other rooms in the house.

So if you have an open fire place or a woodburning stove in your living room the rest of the house is cold when you use it. Your boiler supplier will normally solve this by installation of a weather dependent control or climatic control system. Such a system has disadvantages though, e. And it works lousy in combination with a floor heating. The boiler control box is a better and cheaper solution. The BCB is connected to the thermostat contacts of the boiler, the living room thermostat and to an electric valve motorized valve placed in the floor heating hot water supply.

The BCB is also connected to an NTC placed on the hot water output pipe of the boiler, measuring the temperature of the output hot water. On the frontpanel of the BCB is a display, showing the temperature of the output hot water Tmeasuredthe adjusted maximum water temperature if "override" is active Tsetoverride on, off or permanent override and the number of times the valve protection program has run.

If the BCB is not in the "override" mode, or if the BCB is unpowered, the living room thermostat is connected to the boiler and the floor heating valve is open. The living room thermostat now controls the CH boiler directly. As if the BCB wasn't there. If we want heating in one of the other rooms in the house we can "override" the living room thermostat by using one of the two buttons on the front of the BCB. The tumbler switch can be used to override the living room thermostat permanently.

The push button can be used for a temporary override. If it is pushed a temporary override of one to eight hours can be chosen as shown on the display. The hysteresis h can be changed in the sketch if desired. Each room can be heated independently of the living room thermostat. Room temperatures can, if desired, be controlled by thermostatic valves on the radiators. The living room temperature is now controlled by the living room thermostat by opening or closing the electric valve in the floor heating.

Building it is fairly straightforward.Add the following snippet to your HTML:. How to control water temperature using arduino and water heater element like PID controller. Project tutorial by Mohannad Rawashdeh.

arduino boiler control

This is one of the most interesting and hardest experiment to do, Why? Most of the tutorial in the internet do it with relay to turn on-off the AC heater to increase the temperature,it's not an accurate way to control the water temperature,and will not be able to reach to your target temperature.

To explain it in a simple example: you want to increase a temperature of the water to be about 60 degree Celsius,With a relay when you reach to 60 degree Celsius,the relay turn off the Heater, that makes the temperature decrease rapidly so the relay will turn on and increase temperature rapidly againso the relay will turn on-off within a short time which will damage the relay and maybe damage the heater it self.

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So let's see the best way to control AC heater, and offer a high protection from electrical shock hazard,and give us a full control over the water temperature. We want to control AC Water heater, and control the water target temperature with temperature sensor feedback signal,and we want to control Applied AC voltage on the AC water heater so we can control accurately the water temperature. As we see no need for any naked wire, or cutting any AC wires to connect the components together "like in the relay circuits".

Please log in or sign up to comment. Simple instruction to let you know how to control an AC voltage device using an IR remote control and the Arduino.

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This project is about control of temperature in values of 23 and 25 grades and control for hysteresis using DHT22 and Arduino Media cabinets often get very hot. This project combines a temperature sensor with a fan to cool them down.

Project tutorial by Wimpie van den Berg. Instead of having to increase the humidity manually, why not let your humidifier turn itself on when necessary? Project tutorial by Kian Calnan. Sign In.

arduino boiler control

My dashboard Add project. Project tutorial. Arduino IDE. Best way to adjust the temperature by control AC voltage output applied on AC heater. Example of unprotected circuit. Arduino Full code.

Arduino Full code Arduino. Project schematic Download. Author Mohannad Rawashdeh 3 projects 9 followers Follow. Respect project. Similar projects you might like. Arduino Temperature Control Project tutorial by Team pandhoit 34, views 13 comments 49 respects. Powered by. Keep me signed in on this device. Or connect with your social account: Login with Arduino. Breadboard generic.

Jumper wires generic. Arduino Nano R3. Adafruit OLED 0.I have an electric water boiler and warmer AKA thermo pot which was struck by lightning. The circuit board was heavily damaged beyond repair. But the good news is all other parts such as heating elements, DC motor pump and temperature sensor still OK.

So this is how the project started. Before this project started, I did talk to my brother about Arduino. Sounds like fun. So I give them a try. I choose Arduino Uno for this project since it is highly recommended for a beginner. Typical electric water boiler and warmer has 2 heating elements, boiler and warmer. Notice that I ignore the contrast control pin?

arduino boiler control

This because this LCD display is an old display that is having problem. Unlock button, using Interrupt pin D2 that will enable the pump and light up the LCD back-light for a period of time. I'm too lazy to built the Debounce module for this button so I use a capacitor :- Outputs pin D5 and D6 to turn on boiler and warmer thru transistors and relays. Buzzer pin D4 for overheat alert, 1kHz tone.

Complete schematic diagram Flow chart below would explain the system flow. So I guess all boilers are using the similar flow. The final test Next is to built a proper circuit board and put it back together in one piece. Post a Comment. DIY Electronics. Home xP-rience Power Supply Telephone. Choose category 1 arduino 3 atx 1 backlight 1 biquad 1 boiler 1 cable checker 1 capacitor plague 1 ccfl 1 ceiling fan 1 ct sensor 1 dell 1 dell stlf 1 DivX 1 dmr 1 energy monitor 1 ethernet 1 flyback transformer 1 fm 1 haier 1 high voltage 1 hp tx 1 ibm 1 intercom 1 inverter 1 irda 1 lcd 2 led backlight 1 led monitor 1 m1-da 1 mega 1 myvi 1 notebook 1 noxxa 1 optical mouse 1 oscillator 1 perodua 1 pic microchip 1 PIC16F 1 power supply 3 pressure cooker 1 projector 1 psu 1 remote controlled 1 repair 1 smps 2 spdif 1 spi 1 syncmaster nw 1 telephone 2 thermo pot 1 toslink 1 touch switch 1 transmitter 1 triac 1 vga 1 w 1 warmer 1 wlan antenna 1 yi dashcam 1.

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