Main Data and Specifications ". R Exhaust Gas Recircuration system equipped models only. Note: Engine Application Chart '. S S5 S', l',' It is very important that the liquid gaskets listed above or their exact equivalent be used on the vehicle.

isuzu 4jb1 turbo engine specs

Be careful to use the specified amount of liquid gasket. Follow the manufacturer's instructions at all times. Be absolutely sure to remove all lubricants andmoisture from the connecting surfaces before applying the liquid gasket. The connecting surfaces must be perfectly dry. Poor adhesion will result.

Completely remove all lubricant and moisture from the bolts and the female threaded surfaces of the parts to be joined.


The surfaces must be perfectly dry. Tighten the bolts to the specified torque. Wait at least one hour before continuing the installation procedure. Completely remove lubricant and moisture from the connecting surfaces.

The surfaces must be perfectlydry. Apply a 2. There must be no gaps in the bead. Bead width Let the joined parts set for at least thirty minutes. No servicing is required until the replacement interval is reached. Never attempt to clean the element, no matter how dirty it may appear. The element is designed to provide normal filtering efficiency until it becomes due for replacement.

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Dust Fouled Element Rotate the element with your hand while applying compressed air to the inside of the element.Return to Engines and Exhaust. Skip to content. A mercedes station wagon drift car with a 3litre turbo that seems to have power to burn and apparently the engine has not even been opened! What do you know of mates doing that has worked? What problems arise first? How are these problems overcome?

Also can anyone tell me the stock weight of a 4JB1-T engine? Thanks in advance oh and post any videos of powerful isuzu diesel turbos if you find them please. He was drag racing it. Sanding your knuckles before starting work can help. That way you cant skin them. It's a pity alot of the pictures aren't working. Does anyone know how it turned out? Dyno figures? I sent him a mesage looking for more info.

If he replies maybe I'll invite him on here? On the subject of max power and torque from a 4JB1-T what is the max boost pressure people have run? A guy on here says he is running 20psi. Some people think running high boost doesn't actually give much benefit and can damage the engine easily, how does it damage the engine?

Why does running high boost not give much benefit? I have a friend with a 92 ish toyota hilux surf with the 2. The wastegate does not open, so it's free boosting, I think he may have said it was welded up to even stop leakage. The thing goes like a cut cat!!! It frankly scares me tall truck going and cornering that fast I would be wrapped with that kind of performance out of my truck even on little tyres. Is my diesel mechanic mate crazy? He hasn't blown the head, he's been running that boost for a long time and no way is he light on the throttle, he hammers it everywhere from what I've seen.

Yes he has boost and EGT guages.

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He does not seem in the slightest concerned at the possibility of blowing his engine. Thats the real answer. He knows he can fix it or get another engine cheap. The 2lt does produce good power for its size but even a stock one driven gently will pop a head before km and need a full recon by k. We have several documented isuzu engines untouched past k.

isuzu 4jb1 turbo engine specs

Also he will have other mods to improve the chances of it staying alive. There is no way he could get 25lb boost with stock exhaust. It wouldnt flow well enough to prevent back pressure.Isuzu is well known for its diesel engines and trucks.

The vehicles are designed to provide power and durability with a small displacement. The Isuzu's small displacement gives the diesel engines better fuel efficiency than many diesel competitors. The original, 3. It was produced from to The turbo-charged, four-cylinder diesel engine had a peak performance of to horsepower, and a peak torque of foot-pounds. The engine had a redline of 3, rpm.

The diesel engine used an intercooler, and had a peak of horsepower. The engines had a compression ratio of The engines had a weight of lbs. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Horsepower in a 3. References Overland Vans: Diesel Astro. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Photo Credits diesel image by Martina Berg from Fotolia.Lowest Price Guaranteed! Isuzu Engines are very dependable and economical. Isuzu NPR engines are highly sought after but there are very few used engines available in the market.

isuzu 4jb1 turbo engine specs

Therefore our new Isuzu NPR engines serve as the most cost-effective option. Our brand new engines for Isuzu NPR are practically zero mileage as all internal components are brand new.

Here is the fitment guide for most popular Isuzu Engines we carry:. Brand New Isuzu 4HK1 5. Isuzu 4HK1 5. Brand New Isuzu 6HK1 7. Sales department open from 9 am c. Email: admin usedjapanmotors. We supply rebuilt and brand new Isuzu NPR engines.

These are the reasons which render a rebuilt Isuzu NPR engine useless and waste of investment. This website provides a platform to display all Isuzu engines we carry for truck and industrial applications. Isuzu commercial Trucks have been in the U. S market for over 25 years. These Low-Cab trucks have beenbest selling trucks in theU. S since We sell Isuzu 4BD2 engines as a bare long block. Isuzu 4HE1-Tc 4. Isuzu 4HE1 engine for sale will have timing gears and oil pump installed and will be sold as a long block.

Buying a used Isuzu 4HE1 engine is not recommended as Isuzu 4HE1 engine is vulnerable to cooling system overheating issues therefore performance of this engine depends on vital external components like injection pump, water pump, oil pump, thermostat, radiator, radiator hoses etc. Since installation cost is likely to supersede cost of a used engine and chances of failure of a used engine within few months are highly likely, is the main reason why purchasing a used 4HE1 could be disastrous.

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This makes it difficult to judge quality of a used engine. Our Isuzu 4HE1 engine for sale is like a brand new engine.

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Isuzu 4HK1-Tc 5. Isuzu 4HK1 engine is a very versatile engine. Isuzu 4HK1-TC engines are dependable industrial engines found in construction equipment, generators and commercial trucks. This makes it important for us to find out what kind of cam gear customer's engine has.

All 4HK1 engines that be build for our customers are built according to the appropriate specs based on the Vin number. We also build 4HK1 from scratch according to customer's specs. All we need is the Vin number in order to custom build the 4HK1 engine for a specific truck.

Isuzu 6HK1 7. Isuzu 4BG1 4.The Isuzu 3. Using highly-advanced Isuzu common-rail diesel technology this balances the power with superior fuel efficiency. The end result is outstanding performance to tackle any hill, overtake on the freeway and tow what you like without constant visits to the fuel station.

Choose from either the 6-speed manual or the 6-speed automatic transmission options. From crawling across a rocky embankment to cruising down the highway, the 6-speed manual gives you total flexibility in all situations.

List of Isuzu engines

Want the ute to do the work for you? Choose the 6-speed sequential automatic which includes Rev-tronic sequential shifting if you do want to take control. Grade Logic technology keeps you in the correct gear when ascending and descending tough terrain. Accelerate and the D-MAX responds effortlessly, with the famous Isuzu engine producing Nm of torque for fast, smooth acceleration no matter what you're carrying or hauling.

The D-MAX is built to tow without breaking a sweat. Load up the back with all your gear, hitch up a boat, caravan or trailer - take whatever, wherever. With 3. The D-MAX Variable Geometry System VGS constantly adjusts to achieve optimum air compression from low revs, which ensures minimal fuel consumption with maximum torque across the rev-range. The D-MAX has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing at the same facility as Japanese bullet trains to develop its sleek aerodynamic shape.

The design was further enhanced by legendary Italian auto styling house Pinninfarina, to create a body with a record low drag co-efficiency Cd figure. Low drag not only improves fuel efficiency, it reduces cabin noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

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Different drivers have different needs, so the D-MAX lets you choose what drivetrain suits you best - 4x4 or 4x2.

Dial in the driving mode you need. On road, choose 2WD. Hitting the dirt or beach, change to 4WD for more traction. If you're off-road in deep sand or mud, turn to 4L for extreme traction and complete control. Take on any challenge with Hill Start Assist which prevents vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients above 5. Hill Descent Control gives you the confidence to tackle any downhill terrain by ensuring maximum traction. The D-MAX has short front and rear overhangs to give you plenty of clearance for steep approach and descent angles.

The D-MAX 4x4 models have sturdy steel underbody protection, including a steel sump and transfer case guard, for extra protection in punishing off-road conditions. Flex-Ride suspension, specifically developed for the D-MAX, balances firmness for load carrying, with suppleness for driving comfort, without compromising handling.

Find a Dealer. D-MAX Overview. Compare Models. Download Specs.In addition, the lineup holds a variety of highly reliable engines that adhere to usage and gas emission standards.

Select the optimal engine for your business needs. The unburnt particles, primarily hydrocarbons, within the exhaust PM from the engine are converted into H 2 O, CO 2and other harmless substances. This greatly reduces the amount of harmful substances released. The air released by combustion is cooled and returned to the intake, and by reducing the concentration of oxygen, the heat of combustion is curtailed. This effectively reduces NOx. And a high-performance intercooler is utilized for high air-intake cooling effects.

This improves the low-torque performance and acceleration, and helps raise the fuel economy. Electronic control precisely injects fuel at extremely high pressure and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter PM. Valve operation is accurately timed even at high rpm, increasing air intake and discharge from cylinders, thereby raising intake and exhaust efficiency.

These optimal combustion conditions reduce PM and black smoke while raising fuel economy. Powerful yet economical and easy to handle. Reliability and durability you can count on. Cooled EGR The air released by combustion is cooled and returned to the intake, and by reducing the concentration of oxygen, the heat of combustion is curtailed. Displacement 2,cc Direct injection high pressure common rail system.

Displacement 4,cc Direct injection high pressure common rail system.

Isuzu 4JB1 Diesel Engine Parts

Displacement 5,cc Direct injection high pressure common rail system. Common rail fuel injection system Electronic control precisely injects fuel at extremely high pressure and determines optimal injection amounts, reducing NOx and particulate matter PM.

Manual transmission Powerful yet economical and easy to handle.Isuzu has used both its own engines and General Motors -built engines. Isuzu's first petrol engines were license built Hillman units for the locally assembled Minxfrom Power is In this was updated to the GH12a square design with a Isuzu considered the B engine their "small" truck engine.

Initially designed in as a 3.

1989 Isuzu Mu 2.8 DT (110 HP)

Isuzu's C-series engine was a mainstay for their light truck production, as well as for industrial and marine uses. The engine was introduced in ; by over 2 million units had been produced. This family of engines started as the swirl chamber design, later modified into direct injection 4EE1final improvement into a valve direct common rail injection 4EE2. The J-series direct injection diesel engine was introduced inin 2.

It replaced the somewhat smaller C engine ; later on 3. The Isuzu i-Series utilizes General Motors -built inline five-cylinder engines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Main article: Isuzu V engine. Tokyo: Miki Press. Isuzu Recruiting Information in Japanese. Isuzu Motors. Archived from the original on Retrieved Quattroruote: Tutte le Auto del Mondo in Italian. Milano: Editoriale Domus S. Japan: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Automobil Revue in German and French. Berne, Switzerland: Hallwag AG. Flammang Standard Catalog of Imported Cars, — SAE Transactions. February March Archived from the original PDF on Categories : Isuzu Lists of engines. Namespaces Article Talk.